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Our StorySpark Process

Storytelling Strategy Sessions

Join our insightful sessions where we blend your brand's narrative with market dynamics, facilitating the crafting of stories that resonate deeply with your audience.

Cinematic Storytelling Experience

Elevate your brand's narrative through our Cinematic Storytelling Experience. We create visually captivating content that not only tells your story but paints it on a grand canvas for an immersive audience engagement.

Automated Digital Communications

Leverage the efficiency of our automated digital communications platform. Seamlessly schedule and distribute content, ensuring your message reaches your audience at the perfect moments, enhancing engagement and consistency.

Data Refinement

Utilize our data refinement services to analyze and hone your strategies. Gain actionable insights from your audience's responses, enabling a continuous evolution and fine-tuning of your narrative to maintain a compelling and relevant brand story.

Onward to Change: How 27 Nonprofits Transformed Their Narrative in Hours
Onward Media Group, orchestrated a storytelling marathon that empowered 27 nonprofit organizations from the Region of Waterloo to amplify their narratives.

In a single, groundbreaking morning, leaders from these nonprofits were immersed in a keynote speech, comprehensive strategy session, received expert coaching, and were filmed by a professional cinematographer.

This collaborative effort culminated in the creation of over a hundred compelling videos. These visual narratives were crafted not only to elevate the awareness of the participating organizations but also to drive fundraising efforts.

Onward Media Group's innovative approach reflects our commitment to harnessing the power of storytelling to foster community impact, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to social betterment through digital prowess."
"What Onward Media Group does is to look at the interest of a story, exposes it and makes it really palatable but also interesting!"

Joan Fisk


StorySpark Features

Quarterly Content

Secure a steady supply of 50 high-quality videos every quarter, crafted to engage and captivate your audience.

Media Automation

Experience hassle-free content scheduling that delivers your story to your audience at the optimal moments, consistently.

Quarterly Video

Collaborate with us in a tailored session to create around 50 videos that truly resonate with your brand's unique voice and mission.

Monthly Analytics Reports

Gain actionable insights from clear monthly reports to fine-tune your video strategy continually.

Tactical Strategy Workshops

Join our specially curated sessions to develop a business strategy that aligns with your goals and engages your audience effectively.

Business Storytelling Guide

Harness the power of storytelling with our exclusive guide, helping you craft narratives that inspire, educate, and engage.

Shoot Day Coaching

Benefit from expert guidance on the set, ensuring a seamless and confident shoot day experience.

Unbeatable Competitive Pricing

Access all these transformative features at an unbeatable rate of $500 per month, balancing quality with affordability.

Pricing plan

Cut through the noise and tell your story

StorySpark Ignite
(Billed Quarterly)
1 x Quarterly Strategy Session
50 - 100 Social Media Videos
1 x Quarterly Shoot (3 hrs)
1 x Subject
Video is Subject only
Captions for all posts
Unlimited Channels
Multiple Aspect Ratios
Monthly Data
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StorySpark Flame
(Billed Quarterly)
1 x Quarterly Strategy Session
50 - 100 Social Media Videos
1 x Quarterly Shoot (6 hrs)
Up to 3x Subjects (1 per video)
Video is Subject + B-Roll, or only B-Roll
Logo Animation
Captions for all posts
Unlimited Channels
Multiple Aspect Ratios
Monthly Data
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StorySpark Inferno
(Billed Quarterly)
1 x Monthly Strategy Session
50 - 100 Social Media Videos
1 x Monthly Shoot (6 hrs)
4+ Subjects per video
Video is Subject + B-Roll, Client Generated B-Roll included
Logo Animation
Caption for all posts
Unlimited Channels
Multiple Aspect Ratios
Weekly Data
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Capture the essence of your products through our specialized photography service.

With a focus on quality and creativity, we transform your products into compelling visual stories that resonate with your audience.

Let's showcase your products in their best light and ignite customer interest.

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